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Atlas VPN is a multi platform VPN service from developer's Peakstart technologies based in the US. On initial glance Atlas VPN seems like one of the many cheap VPN services that entice you in with a low price multi year deal, but on closer inspection Atlas VPN appears to be a polished product with many original features.

On installation you are presented with a clean and simple app which on the left has a list of the 700+ servers available and on the right a button that once switched on let's you know you are protected, it’s really as simple as that.


£37.54 - 3 Years subscription

£22.42 - 1 Year subscription

£7.49 - 1 month access


Windows /Android

MacOS / iOS


Peakstart Technologies

Atlas VPN works just as any other VPN service, that everyone is now familiar with; keeping you safe online while hiding your actual location which in turn enables you to see content in other countries that you wouldn’t normally have access to.

What separates Atlas VPN from the rest is a handful of nice additional features, including; Safeswap which allows you to access the internet from several IP addresses at a time ensuring additional internet safety and Network Killswitch which ends all online activity if the VPN connection becomes unstable, preventing any IP location leaks.


Whilst using Atlas VPN for a month we experienced a reliable and smooth service with no noticeable drop in network connection or speed. The only negative we came across was the time taken to connect to each server which worked out about 11 seconds compared to 4 seconds for a service such as NordVPN, but this is really a minor complaint as in theory this is only something you would do once a day.


There are even 3 free servers (US and Netherlands) for you to try out before you buy, but these will choke your network speed by over 50%, so something to bear in mind especially if you want to use it to test your streaming services.



In conclusion Atlas VPN is a solid and reliable, low cost option for a VPN service, and at only £37.54 for a three year subscription it really is a no-brainer if you are looking to access one of the many optimising streaming services or are looking to keep yourself safe and secure whilst browsing online.


Reviewed July 2021

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