Clean Email

Clean and tidy up your E-mail Accounts

Fed up with an overflowing email inbox that is constantly reaching its limit? Receiving Endless advertising junk emails that you don't remember subscribing to? then the Clean Email App might just be for you!


As someone who spends a lot of time deleting emails and file attachments to make room for additional email account storage, I was intrigued to see what this software could do for me.

With Clean Email you have the option to use it as an App for Mac OS / iOS and Android or on a web browser on Windows PC or Mac. 
I decided to use the Mac OS App; installation was quick and easy and you are presented with a modern and clean interface which has been recently updated for the Mac's Dark mode.


£11.99 - 1 Month - 1 account

£35.99 - 1 Year -  1 Account


£23.99 - 1 Month - 5 Accounts

£59.99 - 1 Year -  5 Accounts


MacOS / iOS

Web Browser / Android



Clean Email

Auto Clean:  Set up cleaning rules as automatic actions
which are applied to any incoming emails

Privacy Guard:  the app regularly checks your accounts for any data privacy breaches

Inbox:  emails are automatically grouped by sender for easy selecting and deleting

Once all your emails have been imported into the App you have the option to review all your emails in your current inbox, Clean Email groups your emails by sender, and then by sorting by file size you can see, as in my case, that 186 emails from Sports Direct had been taking up 14mb of storage space! So with just one click on the trash icon all of those 186 unwanted emails were deleted. You can carry on doing this for all your Spam and advertising emails and for just a few minutes work you end up freeing a surprising amount of space.


The one feature that attracted me this software was the Unsubscriber tool, by clicking on this tab it instantly told me I had subscribed to 242 email mailing lists, by working down the list you can then select the companies you no longer wish to receive emails from and by clicking on unsubscribe, the App will automatically unsubscribe from that mailing list, clever stuff!


Unsubscriber:  automatically sent unsubscriber requests
at a click of button

Additional features include Auto Clean which is a set of preset and customisable actions that you can apply to any incoming email, for example any financial or online payment related email can be automatically moved into a folder named 'finance and payments', or any social media notification email could be automatically deleted after a day, a really handy feature which would go some way to keeping your inbox less cluttered.


Another built in tool is the Privacy guard which regularly checks for any data privacy breaches on your email accounts and whether your address has been named in any hacking incidents.



If you, like me are constantly bouncing off the top of your email storage limit, then Clean Email might be worth a closer look, and for just £2.99 a month (paid yearly) that works out considerably cheaper than paying for additional storage for emails that you didn't really need to keep anyway.

Reviewed December 2021

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