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CleanMyMac X

Optimise and Speed up your Mac's performance

CleanMyMac X is the latest release in the CleanMyMac series from developers MacPaw. Created for the software’s 10 year anniversary, CleanMyMac X is wrapped in one of the most aesthetically pleasing User Interface’s ever created for an app, but does the software’s internal performance match up to its exteriors good looks? well, let’s find out...


CleanMyMac X is essentially a new and updated version of CleanMyMac 3, it contains all the best features of version 3 such as locating and removing large hidden files, uninstalling apps, removing browser history and cleaning up your system, iTunes and Photo junk files. Version X now has a host of new features including Malware detection and removal, it can update all your applications from the app, and also can find even more system junk in hidden hard to find places. The developers Macpaw claim it now cleans and optimises up to three times faster than version 3.


Once you have completed the simple installation, you are greeted with a beautifully designed interface, each section with its own mac OS style icon. Your first action should be to run the Smart scan, on clicking the run button the software scans your hard drive for Junk files, malware and finds performance increasing tasks to undertake.



Beautifully designed interface


24/7 technical and sales support


Optimises and Secures your Mac


new subscription model makes it slighter more expensive, but a one time purchase is now available.


30 day evaluation

1 Year/1 Mac: £29.95

1 Year/2 Macs: £49.95

1 Year/5 Macs: £69.95


One time purchase: £76.95



Mac OS X 10.10 and higher


Once the smart scan has finished you can dive deeper into each section and examine further. The Cleanup section contains options to clean system Junk and mail attachments as well as the trash bins on your Mac. We ran the smart scan on our Mac and cleared over 5Gb in Junk and system files, reclaiming much needed disk space.



Protection contains the new Malware and Privacy tools for removing browsing history and Chat data. CleanMyMac X provides real time malware protection and with the proliferation of Mac virus’ on the rise this is a great addition that will keep you safe from hackers. The Privacy scan can delete cookies and internet browsing history, as well as sensitive information like autofill forms and chat logs, so that if your computer is hacked, less information will be available that could potentially be used for identity theft.


Speed is covered by the Optimization and maintenance options. In Optimization you can manage and disable login and launch items to speed up start times as well as fixing hung and heavy consumer applications.

The maintenance section gives you a list of operations you can choose to perform from freeing up RAM, repairing disk permissions,  run maintenance scripts and much more.



Applications is the place to control the updating and installing of your applications as well as deleting installed extensions that you didn’t knew you had or no longer use.



Space lens includes a really nice interface in which the visual size of the folders indicates the total size of the files contained within, you can then select which ever files you wish to delete. Shredder is a useful addition which allows you to completely remove a file or sensitive document from your hard drive without it ever been able to be recovered again.

Taskbar Menu

One of our favourite features of this version is the updated task bar drop down menu, which includes quick access to the freeing up of RAM and hard drive space, as well as monitoring of CPU load and battery draining applications for Macbooks. New additions to the menu include a handy broadband speed test and Malware real time protection.




CleanMyMac X really works at its optimal best on macs that are 3 years or older, systems that have had time to accumulate lots of temporary and unnecessary files, the software does a good job of cleaning and optimising older macs with SATA Hardrives, so if your computer is less than 12 months old with a solid state drive then you probably initially won’t see a huge improvement in performance.


CleanMyMac X is solid, well designed piece of software which will keep your Mac at optimum performance for years to come, the addition of malware protection and a document shredder makes this a real viable option as an all in one app for the current price, also if you are a previous customer of CleanMyMac you are entitled to 30% discount which when taking everything into consideration makes this a more attractive purchase.



ease of use







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