Stand with Ukraine

Free 12 months Subscription to ClearVPN for social media users who are sharing the truth...

Macpaw the developers of software CleanmyMac and ClearVPN was founded and currently operates in the Ukraine. So to show their support for the Ukrainian people at this difficult time they are offering all media personnel who are covering the conflict or any one who is sharing the truth online about events happening in the country, access to a free 12 months subscription to ClearVPN. When users sign up for an account you can click on "reedem a promocode" under the billing info and then enter the code SAVEUKRAINE in the box.

Shortcut links to trusted news sources

Also if you are a user of ClearVPN they have added a Stand with Ukraine shortcut tab on the ClearVPN interface which connects directly to a VPN server in Kyiv, and also the shortcut has internet links to trusted news sources in the Ukraine and also ways to support and donate to the Ukrainian Army in their fight for their freedom.

ClearVPN Stand with Ukraine Shortcut panel



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