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Software developers Macpaw have ventured into the busy arena of Virtual Private Network's or VPN's and as it turns out, ClearVPN is a surprisingly fresh and unique take, an app that has been created with all levels of user in mind and an attempt to take out the guess work and confusion associated with most VPN's.


1 Month Subscription: £9.95

1 Year Subscription: £71.95

2 Year Subscription: £82.95



Mac OS X




Once the simple installation has completed the app appears as a icon in your menu bar. Click on the icon and the interface (see right) slides onto your screen giving you a simple but effective list of shortcuts based on your location and content demands.


ClearVPN uses what the developers call 'DynamicFlow' a technology which optimises your network settings based on your internet requirements, so for example if you use the 'Access Netflix USA' shortcut it will automatically connect you to the fastest US located server and adjusts your network settings to give you the optimal experience.


With ClearVPN's shortcuts, which are constantly updated, everything is covered from accessing all overseas streaming services (subscription required) to the amusingly named 'Sweet Relief' (you get the idea) to the 'Improve Online Gaming' shortcut which will find you a low ping and quiet server to enhance your gaming experience.


Like all good VPN's, ClearVPN offers a strict no-log policy and they won't be collecting any information based on your online activity, personal information or IP address and with a high level of encryption your safety and security is assured.


We have been using ClearVPN for just under a month now and have not noticed any particular speed drop offs or connection problems compared to other VPN's but by using a broadband speed test you can see that there is a reduction in download rate compared with using your ISP directly, but not enough to cause you any problems whilst streaming.



ClearVPN has a really elegantly designed interface and the use of eye-catching shortcuts makes this VPN an attractive and viable option even for the newest of internet newbies. ClearVPN is Macpaw's first multi-platform offering, now available to download on Mac, PC, Android and iOS.


Currently priced at £9.95 for a months subscription which initially sounds expensive but the yearly pricing which works out at £3.45 a month for two years (£82.95 paid upfront) makes for a really competitive price point.




Reviewed January 2021

Dedicated shortcut links to your favourite platforms

Get access to streaming services around the world such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu and many more...

Enjoy privacy and security whilst browsing the internet

Protect your banking interactions from man-in-the middle attacks.

Block access to malware websites or services

Protect your social media experience, secure it from snooping malware and tracking

ease of use








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