Duplicate Cleaner Pro 5

The No.1 duplicate file remover gets a makeover

They say that good things come to those who wait, well, if that’s the case then this latest release of Duplicate Cleaner, which was over 3 years in development should be really good!

Digital Volcano first released Duplicate Cleaner Pro back in 2012 and since then, the software has steadily been growing in popularity among PC users as the go to software for duplicate file cleaning, and this latest ‘reworked from the ground up’ version is the developers bid to keep its coveted top spot.


On installation you are met with the newly designed interface which is flat and clean looking, with large simple icons on the tabs at the top of each section, marking a distinct departure from its previous incarnation, which had a tendency to be slightly utilitarian and cluttered looking.


£30.60 (life-time licence)




Digital Volcano

Image mode: find files of duplicate images, the images are then visually scanned and compared

Audio mode: search for audio files by using ID3 audio tags or comparing the actual music data


Video mode: search for video files by matching video frames, thumbnails or duration

Regular Mode:  Search
for files that have similar content or attributes

On the home page you can start a new search or use the wizard which has preset options for popular types of searches which makes an easier introduction for first time users. By starting a new search you have the option to search by Regular, Image, Audio and the new to version 5, Video mode.


In regular mode you can find duplicate files that have similar content or attributes; in Image mode you can find files of duplicate images, with the images visually scanned and compared; Audio mode is for searching for audio files with the option to search using ID3 audio tags or by comparing the actual music data and Video mode is for finding similar video files by matching either video frames, thumbnails or duration.


A new scan in regular mode takes you to the first tab ‘Search Criteria’, and you are given a host of options which enable you to really narrow down the search parameters, and if some of the terms and options leave you a bit confused then the accompanying PDF Guide will help you out.


Once you have set your desired search you click onto the ‘Scan Location’ tab, by using the file browser select the drive or folder you wish to scan and then click the arrow to add it to the list, you can also add multiple folders that will be scanned in one search.


Then we are on to the 'Start Scan' tab, just click the large start scan button and the software returns the results in surprisingly quick time.

BENCHMARK TEST - Scanning time (7641 files2.21 GB)


Tested on a Intel® Pentium® Gold 6405U Processor

Version 4

26 Seconds

Version 5

5 Seconds

RESULTS: Version 5 21 seconds faster scanning time

The new scan results section has been vastly improved with visual representations of the breakdown of found duplicate files, and all the returned information is contained within the interface rather than a series of confusing pop ups as was the case with the previous version.

Image Preview:  Visually compare and check images and videos before selecting to be deleted.

Once on the ‘Duplicate Files’ tab you can use the selection assistant which gives you options to mark by groups, or by text pattern, also you can view images and videos manually to visually check if they are duplicates before deleting. Once you are happy with your selections click on the trash can icon tab and then click on the delete files button and that’s it, in a matter of seconds your duplicate files are deleted and your hard drive is a little less cluttered!


Additional features in version 5 include a 'Toolbox' tab which has a tool to remove empty folders on your system, which turns out to be quite handy, as well as a Hash Tool and Drives which gives a visual display of the drives you have mounted on your system and the space they have available.

File type: Visual breakdown of the file types and duplicate files.



Duplicate Cleaner Pro 5 is a vastly improved application from its previous incarnation, visually and as well as in terms of performance. The changes have made it easier to use for someone with basic PC knowledge, but where Duplicate Cleaner really stands out from it’s competitors is the wealth of search options and features available in the program, certainly more than enough to keep any die hard PC user happy.


At the time of writing a full life-time license is £30.60, but any user that has recently purchased version 4 will be entitled to a free upgrade to version 5.

Reviewed August 2021

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