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Duplicate Cleaner

version 4.14

Duplicate cleaner is a duplicate file removing software program from independent software house Digital Volcano. Developed over a period of 10 years and counting Duplicate Cleaner is one of the most feature-packed file removal programs currently on the market.


On initial installation you are greeted by a wealth of options and features which might seem intimidating for the casual user, but after familiarising yourself with the interface by using the online video tutorials and instruction manual it all becomes a lot more understandable.

After initiating a new search you are given three main options of searching in Regular, Image or Audio mode. Regular mode is for searching files that have similar content or attributes; Image mode is for finding files of duplicate images, the images are then visually scanned and compared; Audio mode is for searching for audio files with the option to search using ID3 audio tags or by comparing the actual music data.


On the search criteria tab there are a host of features to set your searches to, which are too numerous to go in to detail here, but rest assured they cover pretty much every option imaginable for honing down a specific duplicate file search.


Now your search is set you move onto the scan location tab which is where you can see your available folders for scanning, once you have selected the folder or multiple of folders for scanning its as simple as clicking on the start scan button. Instantly a small scanning progress window pops up and in just a few seconds the program comes back with the results.


A duplicate files tab now appears with a list of all the newly found duplicate files, you can either manually select the files you wish to delete or use the selection assistant to highlight by a number of options including group, file size or date created.


You are nearly on the home straight! Click the file removal button which to be honest isn’t obvious on initial inspection (perhaps this could be made more obvious in the next version?) a final dialog box appears asking if you want to delete move or rename the files - click delete then another two dialog boxes appears to make sure you are absolutely sure you want to delete these files, click yes and then you are done, files deleted!!



Duplicate Cleaner Pro is currently priced £23.99 which is competitive for this type of software. It is a single license with a one time payment, so no subscription or ongoing payments like other software. This also includes all upgrades within version 4 which includes email technical support, also there is a very active forum in which to pose any questions to the developer or other users.


In Summary, Duplicate Cleaner Pro is a mature and well developed piece of software,
a serious tool for advanced users but still easy to get to grips with for PC newbies.



Reviewed June 2020



Mature software

Feature rich

E-mail support




Initial learning curve




Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista




ease of use








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