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iMyFone D-Back

Recover lost data and access locked iPhones

Have you have ever been in a situation where your iPhone has suddenly stuck on a black screen or it's been dropped and you can no longer get access to your phone? You might be able to buy a new phone, but all of your data, contacts, photos and videos are seemingly lost, well iMyFone’s D-back could come to your rescue.


1 Month Plan: $39.95

1 Year Plan: $49.95

Lifetime Plan: $69.95
(5 devices)



iOS, iPad, iPhone, iPod

if you have backed up your phone on iTunes this option allows you more flexibity than just using your Mac's iTunes.

Fix a number of iOS issues, including black screens, stuck apple logo and forgotten lock screen passwords.

Smart recovery is your starting point to using the software, giving you the most useful recovery tools.

Once the installation has completed just open the D-Back app and you are greeted with it's simple interface and a list of options geared towards recovering your lost and deleted data.


If you are a first time user, the Smart Recovery tab is the best place to start, for example if you are looking to recover lost photos just click on the red trash icon (lost or deleted data by accident) and connect your iPhone to your computer by the lightning cable, your phone's name appears on the interface and you are given options for what type of data you are looking to recover; from contacts, whatsapp chats, photos, videos to notes and Safari history, in fact nearly 20 different types of data are available to recover from your device. Once your chosen data has been selected you click on the Scan button and it will take you to the analysing screen, be aware that this part can take some time, depending on the size of your phones storage, but it is definitely worth the wait.


Once the scan has completed D-Back displays all the thumbnails of the photos and video available on your device, scrolling through them you can either select them all or the specific ones you wish to recover, click recover and they are saved to a folder of your choosing, and thats it, done.. disaster averted!



This option gives you a deep scan and recovers data from a iOS device that hasn't been backed up.

Recover your lost data selectively from an iCloud backup.

Preview thumbnails of your photos and videos for easy recovery selection

The D-Back software is not just for recovering lost data, with the Fix iOS System option you can fix an iPhone stuck on a black screen or on the apple startup logo, also if you have forgotten the lock screen pass code this can help you regain access. Also if your phone has been unfortunately stolen and you have regularly backed up on the iCloud then D-Back can help you recover your files with a high degree of success just by logging on to your iCloud account and selecting the required files to recover.


D-Back will work on any type of iOS device including iPads, iPod and iPhones, and is compatible with every model even way back to a 2010 iPhone 4.




D-Back offers a free initial trial so you can see whether it is possible to recover the files you want and in the way you require, but to actually recover any files and data you have to purchase the software using one of the pricing options. Most people will probably stump for the one month option at $39.95 which might sound expensive for what is probably a one-time use, but if you, like me have many iOS devices, the life time plan of $69.95 is a lot more cost effective and for just 30 dollars more you have permanent access to the software to deal with any potential iPhone dramas in the future.

Reviewed February 2021

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