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Mac Cleaner Pro 2

Clean and speed up your mac!

Mac Cleaner Pro is a multi-tool productivity app from Software development company Nektony.


After a simple drag and drop installation you are greeted with a clean and modern interface featuring the speed and clean up sections at the top and the additional PRO tools Apps at the bottom.



Easy to use
with clean
graphical interfaces



additional in-app purchases

Mac Cleaner Pro: Interface

Upon opening, Mac Cleaner scans your hard drive and comes back with results for each section; Performance, Junk files and User files.  By clicking to speed up, clean up or manage storage you are taken to a set of options which enables you to make a decision on which areas you wish to clean up before committing to clicking the clean up button and then you are done!


We ran the software through our iMac and it cleaned up over 130GB of junk files, that is quite a significant increase in hard drive performance for our Mac Workhorse.

PRO tools

Also included in Mac Cleaner are links to download additional PRO tools; Duplicate File Finder, App cleaner and Uninstaller and Disk expert, these all require an additional in-app purchases but are beautifully realised graphical interfaces which help you to visually understand the problem and how the app will solve it.

PRO tools: Disk Expert

PRO tools: Duplicate File Finder


Mac Cleaner Pro 2 is a really well developed piece of software, a fantastic interface design, which is simple, elegant and easy to understand. Also included in the package is Memory Cleaner which appears as a menu in your tool bar, which, at a click of a button instantly frees up any available memory, essential before starting any memory intensive tasks such as rendering or image editing. Mac Cleaner Pro is not just a one trick pony but a whole tool box of really useful apps, everything you need to keep your Mac in peak performance for years to come.



Reviewed October 2020


7 day evaluation


Pro Licence: £42.95


Mac OS X


ease of use







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