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Now in it's 11th year of development, Mackeeper on initial glance looks the most feature packed of any Mac cleaner on the market.  Software Hub dives in deeper to see what all the fuss is about.

Mackeeper is a Mac system performance, internet security and hard drive cleaning tool, all in one software package, once installed you are presented with the interface which is clean and modern looking, your first action is to run the full scan on the Find and fix tab and then wait for the returned results.


12 Mth Plan: £53.40 (1 Mac)

12 Mth Plan: £62.40 (3 Macs)

1 Mth Plan: £10.95 (1 Mac)


OSX 10.9 or later

Find & Fix: This is where the initial scan takes place returning results for all four areas of the software:

Security: Anti-virus, malware scanning and real-time adware removal.

Cleaning: this section covers the cleaning and removal of junk and duplicate files as well as un-installing unused software and extensions.

After the scan has finished, Mackeeper comes back with results for the four defined sections of the software: Security, Cleaning, Performance and Privacy.


This section contains the Antivirus and Adware cleaner tools. Antivirus has real-time protection and when switched on will be automatically blocking potential virus' even before you open the infected files. On an initial scan the Antivirus picked up a potential threat and gave me the option to quarantine or permanently delete the offending file. The Adware function is to protect you from malware virus' that are maliciously designed to create an endless stream of desktop pop-up ads that you can't get rid of, potentially dangerous and very annoying, the Adware tool also has real-time protection so once activated your Mac is fully protected.


Cleaning is the foundation of these type of apps and Mackeeper doesn't disappoint, once the scan has returned the result you can recover many Gigabytes of hard drive space by using the Safe Cleanup to delete logs, cache, mail attachments and trash. Next the Duplicates Finder will find and give you the option to delete any duplicate files on your system, now this is a basic one-click tool compared to a stand alone duplicate cleaner software and with no real search options to speak of, but it will help you find any duplicate files or similar photos to recover hard drive space. Finally the Smart Uninstaller will search and uninstall any unused apps, plug-ins, extensions or widgets that could be slowing up your system.

Premium Services:
Chat directly to technical support 24/7 for any computer or device related issues. (at an additional cost)

Privacy: this section contains an e-mail data breach monitor as well as a fully fledged VPN
for internet security.

Performance: this includes a full optimiser that frees up memory and monitors memory intensive apps.


In performance, the Memory Cleaner is a really useful tool as every time you open and close an app, the memory that program used is not fully reclaimed until you reboot your computer, so as your work day goes on, the memory your system has to work with diminishes and slows down the performance of your computer, with Memory Cleaner, one click and all the free memory becomes available again. The Update Tracker keeps you aware of any updates or upgrades available for your installed apps and the Login Items tool can be very handy if your computer's start up time has noticeably began to slow down, just by fine tuning which operations begin on start up you can still keeping the functioning of the system safe.


Privacy is the area that separates MacKeeper from many of the other Mac cleaners currently on the market, with Private Connect you have access to a fully fledged Virtual Private Network (VPN) and once switched on in Mackeeper you are given the option to chose from 296 servers located in 50 countries throughout the world, ensuring your privacy and security whilst browsing online. Also contained in privacy is ID theft guard which allows you to add any of your email accounts, the ID theft guard then constantly monitors them for any account data that has been compromised and alerts you to the fact, instantly protecting you from any potential identity theft. Finally StopAd is an extension that installs onto your Safari or Google Chrome browser and will actively stop any annoying pop-up ads or on-line trackers, it appears as a drop down menu on your browser which you can turn on or off, choosing which website you want to block.

Private Connect: Use the internet with a VPN, access over 296 servers in 50 countries for internet safety and security


Clearly after 11 years of development Mackeeper has become a mature and solid piece of software, packed with up-to-date features, practically everything you would need to keep your Mac in peak performance while also keeping you safe and secure on-line. The cost is a yearly subscription model which you have to bare in mind when comparing it with other mac cleaners, but with the addition of the VPN and the other on-line security features actually works out at really good value for money, also with regular updates you can rest assured you are always getting the latest product and the best protection.

Reviewed May 2021

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