Photo organisation with face recognition

With over 2 billion photographs taken every day in the world, chances are, a few of them have been captured by yourself and your once physical photo albums have now turned into literally thousands of digital snaps stored over dozens of devices and drives.

We take a look at developer Lunarship's photo organising, labeling and editing software Phototheca. The software's website claims "Phototheca is all about the organisation of massive amounts of photos and videos", well, with the ability to catalog up to an infinite amount of photos -  that is, as it turns out, quite a lot!


Once the software installs you are greeted by the interface, which on initial viewing is slightly utilitarian looking, but looks aren't everything, so we dive deeper into its key features.


£29.79 (100,000 photos/1 PC)

£37.20 (250,000 photos/2 PCs)

£40.92 (Unlimited /5 PCs)



Library:  Access to albums, events and tag options

Thumbnails: View thumbnails of every photo in your library
up to a resolution of 256x256

Tools: Quick buttons for some of the apps most used features

Photos are imported by using the add to library button and the software imports the files and places them in a folder, which you can rename and then displays every photo as a thumbnail which you can double click to view at a larger size in the window.


Clicking the info panel (i) brings up all the photographs Exif Metadata, as well as any keywords or face recognition tags. The face recognition part of the software uses Ai to recognise the same face over multiple photographs, and even your pet Dogs and cats apparently can be tagged! Whilst we were testing the software we imported an album of family photos and Phototheca was able to recognise and automatically tag me in photos of myself over a 40 year period, which to be fair is pretty impressive! I guess the only draw back is that the face needs to be more or less square on to the camera, any side angles and the software is unable to recognise them as faces.

Also included is a simple but sturdy photo editor, with features commonly found in social media apps or smart phone photo editors such as filters and colour correction, perhaps aimed more at the casual user rather than a professional photographer who would be using Photoshop or Lightroom, but still a welcome addition nevertheless.

Image Editor:  56 one-click filters similar to those found in instagram.

Also colour correction tools including noise reduction, film grain, dehaze and many more.

Additional features include a touch screen mode which makes it useable on a tablet or surface device, duplicates detection which identifies duplicate copies of the same image to reclaim hard drive space and smart albums which automatically gather and display photos from your Library based on a customisable criteria of your choosing.


If you are a professional photographer or a family looking to store and organise a large collection of digital photographs,
then Phototheca seems like a really solid option and a genuine Windows alternative to Apple's Photos, and by using the link below today, you can get 25% off the Premium product with a lifetime license which makes for great value.

Reviewed May 2021

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