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Starting Uni or going back for your second year? then check out this list!


Simply take notes and organise

Evernote is a seriously handy tool for note taking in lectures, planning projects or course work. You can type or scan handwriting into note books which can be labeled by subject or project.


Also by using the Web clipper extension you can save sections of websites directly into your chosen notebook for later reference. Currently there is a 50% discount for students for the first year, which makes for an affordable useful digital tool.

Evernote screenshot



FREE for Basic

Premium version £4.99
per month


Windows, MacOS,
iPhone or Android

Student Discount: Save 50%


Blue light eye protection filter

Iris Screenshot

Blue light from your monitor or laptop screen can cause serious health problems. Using Iris blue light filter eliminates all these potential risks. It can reduce eye strain, tiredness and improve the quality
of your sleep, especially if you are pulling an all-nighter for some overdue course work.


It features several modes tailored for your usage whether you are a Gamer, Programmer or even a Hacker!


Just $15 for a one time payment, use
the link at the side for an exclusive 10% discount.



7 days FREE trial or

$15 for lifetime license


Windows 10 or higher

10% discount with this link

Ditto Clipboard

Save multiple copy and paste items onto the clipboard

Ditto Clipboard screenshot

Ditto is an extension that allows you to save any item copied onto the clipboard and then access again to paste at a later date.


Text, images, code, html, and custom formats can all be copied and stored
onto ditto.


Great for coding or saving expressions in After Effects, or writing that dissertation with hard to spell names!





Windows Vista to 10


Office Suite

LibreOffice (previously OpenOffice) is an open source Free Office Suite software in the same mold as Microsoft office. Completely free, it includes word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software. Developed over 20 years it is a really solid alternative to the market leader.

LibreOffice Screenshot





Windows 10 or higher

Gimp 2.10

Bring out the gimp...

Gimp is, in essence a free open source alternative to Adobe's Photoshop. With 25 Years of development, this latest version boasts all the features you would expect from a
high-end photo manipulation, image editing and painting program.  The layout is also very familiar if you have used similar programs so the learning curve is very shallow.

So if you are a student on a budget needing to create and edit images for project work then look no further!

Gimp screenshot





Windows,  Mac OS, Linux

Reviewed and tested by Alex Tsvetkov

2nd Year Graphic Design BA (Hons) course @ Bristol UWE

All details are correct as of reviewed date September 2020.



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