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Are you plagued by the curse of a messy desktop? We are all guilty of it at some point, it starts off with a few files and folders, then before you know it you have a screen full of files, folders and fonts scattered all over your desktop's real estate. Well, coming to the rescue is Unclutter, a really neat file storage program which is completely hidden and integrated within your desktop.


Once installed, just move your mouse pointer up to the top of your desktop screen and then scroll down on your magic mouse and the Unclutter drop down interface appears.

Unclutter: Interface

Unclutter is not just app for filing your desktop files, it also includes a Notes and Clipboard history section. The Clipboard history keeps track of everything you copy into your Mac's clipboard (up to 50 items), and it even tells you which application it was copied in, you can then recall any recent copied clips even after you reboot your Mac. There are other apps that might do this feature of the app better, but it is still a really useful add on.


When it comes to quickly jotting stuff down, the Notes section of Unclutter has quickly taken over as a great alternative to the Mac's Notes or stickies, its just so handy! and really useful if you have to keep referring back to your notes while you are working in another program, just scroll down at the top of the screen and your notes are there without the hassle of having to switch programs.


The files storage section has been our most used element of Unclutter, you just drag a file or folder to the top of the screen and the drop down tray appears and then place the file in the middle section. Files can be viewed in either icon or list view which then can be arranged by name or date, which is a really helpful if you are looking for a particular file.


Uncluttered is a simple, but amazingly useful tool that makes you wonder why Apple haven't integrated it into the OS before. Everyone here at Software Hub loves it and have decided to award it with our first Editors Choice Award.


All details are correct as of reviewed date November 2020.


7 day trial

Full License: £19.99



Mac OS X




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